Management Team

Joshua Rurka

Mr. Joshua Rurka is one of the two founding members of Capital International. Specializing in marketing and distribution, Mr. Rurka spearheaded the marketing and sales operations of the company into the global financial market. Mr. Rurka is actively involved in the management of several of the investments and joint ventures in our portfolio.


Udi Ginati
Mr. Udi Ginati is the second founding member of Capital International. Mr. Ginati is a lawyer by profession specialising in financial instruments. After a brief stint as an investor adviser Mr. Ginati co-founded the company with Mr. Rurka in 1998. Mr. Ginati’s deep legal expertise has helped structure the most economically and legally efficient investment products and structures for our clients. Mr. Ginati brings his experience to all activities of the company and is actively involved in many of our investments and JV’s.


Nisan Zelayt

Mr. Nisan Zelayt has been the CFO of Capital International since 2005. Before joining the Company Mr. Zelayt worked as consultant at KPMG. Mr. Zelayt is a chartered accountant and takes a leading role in the operational aspects and strategic planning of the financial elements of the Company and its investments. Mr. Zelayt fulfils the role of a CFO or Financial Controller  for several of the investments and JV’s of the Company.