Real Estate

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Capital International Real Estate is the operational department that handles the real estate investment and development activities of the Company. Our portfolio is global and we look at a variety of opportunities at different stages of development. We focus on growth projects where we can identify a high capital appreciation potential.

Our investment process includes:

  1. A thorough financial analysis of the project
  2. An extensive legal review of the documentation of all stake holders and finance providers
  3. On the ground – visits and surveys
  4. Analysis of the proposed sales process
  5. Regional, national and political review

Projects that fulfill the criteria we set are then considered for investment.

As a rule the group’s investment activities are active in nature and Real Estate is no exception.  We accompany the projects we invest in during the different stages and contribute from our experience when required.

We currently have two active projects:

  1. Pedasi, Panama - two prime ocean-front and ocean-view land properties in a fast developing region (
  2. Pattaya, Thailand - A residential housing project